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We offer our customers a traditional Finnish sauna with a breathtaking view. Our custom-built sauna is situated on the shoreline of Garrettstown Beach, just 7 miles outside of Kinsale. A beautiful beachside community offering healthy homemade food, locally roasted coffee, and beach activities. Throughout the Summer you can find us popping up in different locations along the coast.

Our Locations

Garrettstown Beach

Book your heat seat in Garrettstown Beach.

Why Sauna
Why Sauna?

People in various nations, including Ireland, are finding the advantages of saunas, such as improved health and attractiveness, and are beginning to adopt the practice of “saunaing” (yes, that is a word!) into their daily lives.

When you sit in a sauna, your heart rate rises and your blood vessels dilate. This improves circulation in a similar way to light to moderate exercise, depending on how long you spend in the sauna.

Irish Examiner Feature

We were delighted to be recently featured in the Irish Examiner–where Journalist Jen Stevens met with various businesses from across Ireland who are helping to improve the staycation experience. Check out the article from the link below.

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